Why Buy VIP Condos?

What is a VIP Event?

A condominium has a few sales stages.

  1. Some builders will host a friend and family night, where they invite their staff and their families, friends and their families and people involved with the condo project to have a chance to buy a unite.
  2. Then they might host the first sales event, which can be considered as the first VIP event. This event is for handpicked VIP REALTORS, making this the best time to purchase, to get in at the lowest price.
  3. Before a condo is sold to the general public, the builder might host a second VIP event for the other REALTORS. At this event the price might be somewhat raised comparing to the first VIP event.
  4. And at least the prices are raised again and the remaining unites are released to the public!

And this is what happens to people, you go to a builder to purchase your pre-construction property. You stand in the line for hours, if not days, you enter the sales room and you see all these stickers covering the availability board marking the unites unavailable! You wonder how can this be? I was the first in line! Yes, you were first in line; however, you were standing first in the third or fourth line with the fourth or fifth price increase!! Has this ever happened to you or your friends? Or perhaps you have seen it on TV? Everyone who has purchased a pre-construction has experienced this.
As you see, the best time to buy a condo is the first two VIP events. That is why a VIP REALTOR is very important to investors. A valuable and experienced REALTOR with a strong market knowledge and insight is essential to the formation of an informed purchasing decision.

Why Buy in the VIP Event?

With a pre-construction VIP REALTOR, prospective clients enjoy the rewards of these limited-time offers:

  1. First access to inventory, therefore more choices
  2. Acquiring the best unites
  3. First-round of pricing that is NOT available to the public
  4. Ability to take advantage of VIP condo incentives, which are better than what is offered to public

When a REALTOR has a sales history with a builder, he/she is offered the opportunity to gain exclusive access to VIP sales events. Therefore, VIP REALTORS are the specialized group that commonly help builder acquire their first set of clients. This in turn helps the builder gain momentum with their sales strategy, as builders require a certain amount of sales to secure their construction financing, similar to how buyers require mortgages. Hence, the prices offered in VIP events are lower than the prices offered to general public. This is why the VIP sales events are so lucrative for initial buyers; they receive the privilege of access.

Experienced real estate knowledge is expensive to come by, so here is a lesson offered for free: if you are considering purchasing a pre-construction condominium, it is definitely in your favour to work with a VIP REALTOR.